Hot, hot, hot

standard June 16, 2007 1 response

As the temperatures rise and my energy waning all I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep this tedious week away. Instead I just spent the last hour cleaning up the house and packing a small suitcase for C and I. Tonight we head over the mountains towards Santa Cruz, where in the morning we will attend a friend’s college graduation.

Off the top of my head I can think of about 50 things that I would rather be doing (at least 49 of them being some form of sleep), but C is so excited to go to “anoder tehlo” that I’m gladly sucking it up and putting on a brave face. Maybe I can leech some of her energy and joy and really enjoy this evening away.

On Monday our new window AC unit arrives. Until then, pray for me that the temperatures drop. This mama isn’t sure how much of this she can take.

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  • Yeah..we broke down yesterday and turned the a/c on.. I’m glad since instead of the high of 88 it ended up being in the 90’s.. ugh!

    Hope you have fun!

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