31 weeks and counting

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Now that the big Mother’s Day weekend is over (It was perfectly lovely, not in San Diego, but lovely nonetheless.) it seems that the end of this pregnancy is that much more tangible. We’ve passed the wedding and our little family moon and now all that is left is 6 weeks of work, one week with C, and then presto! It’s baby time!

During a first pregnancy the 40 weeks seem interminable. You literally count the days; telling people proudly that you are at 27weeks +5 days. You have the cute little book that shows you exactly what your baby is doing and how she’s developing minute by minute. Some of us might even have had a pregnancy journal, which, if you consider the fact that I was also blogging at the time, might have been a little redundant, but whatever. The point is that during a first pregnancy you tend to be hyper aware of every little detail.

The second time around is a little different. Time seems to flow differently. Having the first child hanging on to your apron strings moves the focus away from the actual pregnancy to the eventual result. I keep having to haul my planner out to count how many weeks along I am. I think that between 21 and 27 weeks I completely lost track, kind of the same way I keep forgetting how old I am. It’s less about being pregnant and more about bringing home another child. You look towards the end and ignore the day to day issues that come with pregnancy.

I feel like I just woke up and realized that it’s really happening and it’s really happening soon. But, contrary to what I might have thought, I’m actually fine with the timing. I’m very ready to be done with work. I’ve bought a few cute summery newborn outfits. We’ve figured out how the girls’ room will look. And, all in all, I’m ready to meet this new little one.

And C? Well, she’s ready too. She keeps telling everyone she meets that she’s getting a little sister “Tomorrow!” To which I reply, “Honey? I’m ready, just not that ready.”

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