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standard May 19, 2007 2 responses

Oh what a week it’s been.
Monday M pinched a nerve in his neck. He’s been out of commission ever since. Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am that I’m not a single parent?
Tuesday I had a car accident. On our way home C and I were rear ended on the highway. It was a four car deal. No one was hurt, but it was nonetheless stressful. Standing on the side of the highway while my daughter waits for me in the car is not my idea of fun.
Wednesday I learned that my boss had forgotten that I don’t work Mondays. Seems she forgot that I stopped working from home on that day about three months ago. Ahem. No wonder she was annoyed when I wasn’t responding to her emails. I spent the whole day waiting for her to come have a talk with me. Working for someone who suffers from memory lapses isn’t always a party.
Thursday after we got home I noticed that M hadn’t emptied the bath tub after his soak. I pulled the plug and sat down to empty my bladder for the umpteenth time of the day. C spotted a toy she wanted that was floating in the water, reached for it, and fell in head first. In seconds I had fished her out and was wrapping her in a dry towel. She was soaked from head to toe and really mad about it. Changing her took forever because she kept wanting to cuddle. It’s hard to tell who was more shaken about the ordeal.
Today was wonderfully uneventful. T.G.I.F. Seriously.
Here’s hoping the weekend is equally uneventful.

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2 responses