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Some details finally

standard May 31, 2007 1 response

It’s hard to go into details about a weekend that flew by in a blur. We landed shortly before 10pm on Friday night and were met by my dad and T. Despite all the previous drama it was good to see him. He’s grown a beard, but he’s still the same man, and I’ve missed him.
We loaded our stuff into the car and headed to their home, C chatting everyone up a storm. She was so pumped from the flight that she couldn’t unwind. Arriving at their home and finding a dog and two kitties only revved her up even more. I finally was able to get her settled in our bed sometime around 11pm, knowing full well that she’d still wake up at her usual time, wondering if she’d even let me get any sleep. She doesn’t sleep with us, ever, because she’s such a restless sleeper. Sharing a bed for two nights was definitely interesting. Once she was comfy and drifting off I headed back down to have a drink with the grown-ups.
There was no awkwardness, no long silences. We were all at ease with each other and we chatted for hours. The only cloud in the horizon was the fact that my sisters were stranded in Denver with no flights to Calgary until the following afternoon. My dad was a little concerned that the wedding would have to be postponed until Sunday. T and I were sure everything would be fine. Around 1am we all finally headed up to bed, and I spent the rest of the night being woken up by C every time she decided to cuddle with me in her sleep, or just reach out to check that I was still there.
In the morning we got up bright and early and had some breakfast. C became fast friends with T’s 12 year old daughter and we all enjoyed a mellow morning. The mood was so relaxed, in fact, that it was easy to forget that there was a wedding on the horizon. My sisters boarded their plane on time and we had hope that everything would go off without a hitch. They were due to land at 2:15, the ceremony was scheduled for 3, in theory we just had to stall a little. Of course, the loss of a suitcase delayed them a little more, but eventually they did arrive and the wedding did take place.
It was a short, but sweet ceremony. There were some readings, some praying, the lighting of a unity candle, basically all the essentials. And then, in a heartbeat, it was all over and we were back outside. The party trouped off and regrouped at home where we all chatted and laughed over wine and snacks. The kids ran around, the grown ups toasted the happy couple, presents were opened, and stories were exchanged. After much merriment the group moved off again and headed out to the cute bistro where the wedding dinner was being held. We didn’t get home until almost 10:30. It’s safe to say the whole event was a roaring success.
The second night was an exact replica of the first. Chatting until 1pm followed by a restless night with a cuddly toddler. Not surprisingly Sunday morning’s wake-up call was just as early as Saturday’s. C and I shared another early morning breakfast while we waited for everyone else to wake up. Once everyone was up we all pitched in to prepare a brunch feast which we all shared once my sisters arrived at the house. Before I knew it we were loading the suitcase into the car and heading to the zoo that we were visiting on the way to the airport. I hugged my father goodbye and looked back as we drove away.
It had been almost three years since I last saw my dad. Eight months ago I caused a pretty bad rift between us, rendering a tense relationship almost nonexistent. I found it hard to find the strength to make the first step toward reconciliation, but it’s a good thing I did. My father has his flaws, but he’s mine, and I’m glad we’re back in contact. That he now knows my little star is an added bonus.

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  • That’s GREAT that you got on well with your Dad!

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