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One week and counting…

standard May 22, 2007 Leave a response

M has officially been out of commission for a week now. The pain in his shoulder hasn’t gotten any better and he’s scheduled for an MRI at the crack of dawn tomorrow. (Seriously, 7am, who does that?)
He feels guilty that he can’t help more around the house. Me?I just feel tired. I’ve always known that he does more than his fair share around the house, but this week has really made me realize just how much I rely on him. Aside from sitting with C while she entertains herself there’s not much that he can do. That leaves me with the bulk of childcare, cleaning up and cooking. You know, on top of my full time job… So, yeah, I’m tired. So much for finding more time to write.
I’m crossing my fingers that tomorrow’s MRI shows a pinched nerve that can be remedied by physical therapy. If that doesn’t work, M might have to undergo surgery. Secretly I think that he’s jealous and he doesn’t want me to be the only one to have a date with a scalpel this summer.

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