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standard May 5, 2007 Leave a response

We decided to do the right thing. C and I are headed to Calgary for two days at the end of May. She deserves to meet her other grandfather and I need to go so I can move on. In my heart I know I’ve made peace with my father. I know we’ll never have a conventional father/daughter relationship and for the first time ever I’ve come to grips with that thought. I want to explore what relationship we can have.
A few days ago I emailed him to say that we were really coming and we’d bought our tickets. M is going to stay at home, C and I will be traveling alone. Today my dad called me. I thought he was calling to just chat about our visit. In fact he was calling to say something a little different.

“T and I have been talking about getting married for a while.”
“Right.” I say, always coming up with the mot juste.
“Well, we’re thinking of taking advantage of your visit and doing it while you’re here.”
“Oh. Wow.” (Did I mention I always know just what to say?) “That’s great! I’m honored.”

So our two day trip will be turning into a two day trip plus wedding. And, honestly? I’m thrilled.
Congratulations T and Dad. I’m really happy for the two of you, and I’m excited to be there.

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