My Coffee Moment

standard May 2, 2007 3 responses

On Fridays my office closes at 4pm. I don’t have to pick up C until 5:30, and, as I’ve confessed in the past, I don’t exactly run to pick her up if I have a little free time. (It would be mean of me to shorten her play time, no? And what if I got there while she was napping? What then? Much better for me to enjoy some time alone.)
This past Friday I finished cleaning up my desk and I skipped out to my car. It was just 4:15 and I had a long hour to myself. I spent all of a minute contemplating the fact that I had enough time to run to Target to get some essentials, but I squashed that thought, tied it in a burlap sack, attached a rock to it and threw it in the river. No errands! Me time!
I found a spot right in front, which I took to be a great omen. I pulled open the door and the heart-warming smell of coffee assailed my nostrils. Hmmm. Coffee. I scoped out the place. Just a handful of people were inside, most choosing to enjoy their coffee outside in the sun. My favorite armchair beckoned, it’s plush red velvet calling to me to come relax.
“I’ll have a grande, half caf, non-fat latte please!” I chirped to the barista. “Oh, and some of these chocolate covered graham crackers.”
I walked over to the armchair and put down my purse. Even though there was no one else in line behind me, I didn’t want to risk loosing my little oasis. They called my name and I went over to collect my drink. Once I was safely ensconced in cushy velvet I tore open the packet of graham crackers and took the top off the latte. I inhaled the sweet aroma and took my time dunking the chocolate covered cookie. Sadly in just four quick bites the first cookie was devoured. The second quickly followed suit, leaving me to just enjoy drinking the milky coffee.
I leaned back in the chair and cracked open my book. My cup snug in my hand, my back lodged against the cushion, I stole a quick glance at my watch, and I settled in for a delightful hour with tasty coffee and a good book. It’s my favorite way to spend a stolen hour, the most relaxing I can imagine.

This post was inspired by The Moment movement over at Maya’s Mom. Go visit to discover how other moms are spending some time taking care of themselves.

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