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My Clean Moment

standard May 23, 2007 Leave a response

The Friday before C’s big birthday bash I arranged with M to have him pick C up from daycare. I wanted to head home right after work to bake my mother in law’s cake before the regular evening chaos started.
The road is clear and I get home quickly. Key in the door, turn the knob, and push. The smell of Pine-Sol slams me in the face. I take a moment to breathe in the clean smell. I love Fridays, well, every other Friday, it’s the day the cleaners come and work incredible magic on the mess that we call home. For a few moments everything is clean and uncluttered and all I have to do is enjoy. Pure heaven.
In record time the cake is mixed and in the oven. I have an unexpected free half hour. The house is clean, the laundry is washed, and I’m gloriously alone. I walk into the pristine living room and sink into the couch. The cushions have been plumped up and they reach up to envelop me in softness. I pull my laptop onto my lap and turn it on. While it boots up I lean my head back on the couch and savor the clean and quiet. A few deep breaths later and I can feel all of the tension of the week seep away. I take another deep breath and open my web browser. It’s so rare that I have a moment to surf the Internet without little fingers “helping” me type, work getting in the way, or being too tired to enjoy myself. I visit some of my favorite sites, make some witty comments on a blog or five, and finally settle down to work on the template for the new blog.
Just as I put the finishing touches on the sidebar I hear the back door open. Soon little feet are running towards the living room. “Mammy! Mammy! Where you?” My peaceful moment is over, but it’s all right. I’ve had a minute to relax and I feel fully restored.
“In here lovey! Come tell me about your day!” I call back to C.

This post was inspired by the Maya’s Mom Wednesday Moment.

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