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standard May 15, 2007 Leave a response

I’m proud to announce the birth of a new member of our family. No, no, I’m still pregnant. The peanut is snug in her little world. I’m talking about a different kind of birth. Since Thursday The Lemonade Stand is official and welcoming visitors. I’ve been having a blast sharing my hard earned wisdom with the world, I even already answered a reader’s question!
Starting this new blog feels right. I need a challenge, something to motivate me, something to get me out of my personal rut. The more I write the better I feel, about myself, about my life, and about my future. And giving people advice? Well, that’s just an added bonus.
So, if you have a question or an issue you need help with drop me a line. I might not have all of the answers, but I can definitely offer a different perspective, a fresh point of view. I can help with work issues. relationship woes, I can even give diet advice! Don’t believe me? Try me. I can’t wait to help.

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