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Got Advice?

standard May 10, 2007 Leave a response

There are few things that I love more than giving people advice. Mind you, I try hard to not give unsolicited help, but I rarely need to worry about that because people tend to search me out to ask me what I think about their problems.
Have a college daughter wanting to change schools? Sure I can help you work through it. Does it matter that I never even went to college in the States or that my own daughter is only 2? Apparently not.
Are you a young woman working her first job out of college? I can help you negotiate the murky waters of coworker relations. The fact that I have the same issues with the same coworkers? Not an issue.
Looking for the perfect baby/toddler product? Well there I can really help, especially considering the amount of time I spend on the Internet cruising parenting blogs and kid stores. I’m pretty opinionated though… watch out.
Living your first pregnancy? Sure I can walk you through the ups and downs! I’ve been there before and I’ve read ALL the books. And don’t worry, what I don’t know I’ll make up…
After a long “therapy” session with my young coworker this morning she joked that I should become a therapist. I replied that it would be more fun to become the next Dr Phil, just punctual advice rather than long term care. From that was born the idea of an advice blog. Clearly this has already been done. But, really, what hasn’t already been done on the Internet? And I may not be Amalah, but I can be witty too, honest! M ran with the idea and we’re working on a new blog. So stay tuned, soon you’ll be able to tune in daily to read my innermost thoughts and my daily advice! What fun. I bet you can’t wait.
Oh! And if you have a question or are in dire need of advice? Hit me! The best I can promise is to not make it worse.

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