A solo flight

standard May 25, 2007 3 responses

Tomorrow evening C and I will board a plane and head due north for Calgary. It’s the big wedding weekend and as excited as I am to see everyone and participate in the festivities, I’m not sure I’m going to survive the trip there, so don’t get too excited about pictures or stories.
Picture the scene: I’m 7 months pregnant, C is two years old, we are traveling with her stroller, her car seat, a carry on bag, and a suitcase. I just realized that we are flying out of the airport that’s an hour north of our home rather than the one located all of five minutes away. I just found out that we do not have assigned seats and we need to get to said airport an hour and a half before the flight takes off. Lets not forget that M can barely walk let alone carry anything. Having him drive us to the airport is pushing it, let alone expecting him to help us to the gate. Are we having fun yet?
To say that I’m a little bit stressed about the way this is shaping up is putting it mildly.
The thought that’s keeping me smiling? If they can’t find us seats together I might actually be able to read for a while during the trip, but some poor passenger isn’t going to have the flight he or she had expected…
If I make it to Calgary and back in one piece I’ll have pictures and stories galores to share on Monday. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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3 responses

  • Wow..would they actually allow you to NOT fly with her? I mean..in another seat?? I can’t imagine that.. lol.

    I’m crossing my fingers for a smooth trip all around and lots of wonderful stories when you get back! Have a safe trip!

  • First, know that they will sit you together. I had the same experience and they said it is a rule. Secondly, just take your time. I found when I tried to rush for other people I got frazzled and stressed out. Other people can wait!!!!

    Good luck!

  • I’d imagine that your being preggers and travelling w/a toddler will give you priority seating…like people in wheelchairs. We flew Southwest to California last December and since T was still 3 years old we didn’t have to wait in the gosh-awful “no assigned seating” lines.

    Having said that, on the way back, I made a vow NEVER TO GO BY PLANE WITH CHILDREN DURING THE HOLIDAYS AGAIN!!! *lol*

    Have fun and be safe!

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