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standard April 29, 2007 6 responses

You slip on the thin plastic until it reaches your armpit. The sand is warm under your feet and the ocean beckons. You hold out your arm so that your mother can inflate the water wing. You impatiently hop from foot to foot until she snaps at you to stand still. The plastic inflates quickly trapping your arm in its vice. One is done, you hold out your other arm and in a minute you are ready to head into the water. With your wings you feel safe, like nothing can hurt you.
While we didn’t head to the beach, we did take advantage of the warm day by heading to the pool. Yesterday we took a little trip to Target to get ready. It was time to get C her first water wings. I thought she would fight them, but she couldn’t wait to have them on her arms. My baby is a big girl now, and I think it’s going to be a great summer.

After a while we called it quits with the big pool. At 74F the water wasn’t really warm enough for a long swim. But C wasn’t reading to call it a day, though we had trouble convincing her that the boat wasn’t ideal for the little pool…

This post was inspired by a warm day in the sun and the Sunday Scribblings prompt Wings. For more great entries click here.

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6 responses