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I’m way way too tired and cranky to write anything coherent. The phantom pain that plagued me during my pregnancy with C is back with a vengeance. Last time I had hopes that the doctors would figure out what was causing it, this time I know that I just have to endure it. For four more months. It makes me want to cry.
I’m insanely busy at work these days with a project that was due to be over tomorrow, but which will be a week late. All I want to do is take a day off and spend it in my bed, but sadlythat luxury will have to wait until my monster had been felled.
I started dinner tonight and was met with protests from M who thought that the meat I was using smelled bad (rotten cheese was how he phrased it), I told him to stop being so melodramatic and to order a pizza if he wasn’t happy. In a huff I sent the whole dinner down the garbage disposal, effectively clogging the drain and breaking the garbage disposal. The cleaners come tomorrow, I’m sure they are going to LOVE hearing that they can’t use the kitchen sink.
I’m taking my grumpy self to bed for what I hope will be a restful night. Instead of more moaning I’ll leave you with the link to a blog I discovered today, may reading it put all of our day to day struggles in perspective. Meet the pregnant mom of toddler triplets… Amazing Trips.

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