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When I wrote this post I thought my friend had already scraped the bottom of the barrel of pregnancy suckiness. She was struggling with bronchitis and was pretty much hating it. I was wrong.
Shortly after her return to work she got a call from her OB. Although her NT results had come back clean, her AFP results were really, really bad and they were recommending an emergency amnio. The fact that they were willing to schedule it the very next day told me how worried the doctors were. Her odds were 1/86 for Trisomi 18 and 1/26 for SLOS. After an amnio the first genetic disorder can be detected within 4 or 5 days, the second takes two weeks. They had the procedure and settled down for a long, long wait.
A week ago she sent me a text message “I think I felt the baby move!” A few minutes later she sent another one “I’m sure of it!“. They still had a week to go before getting the results. It broke my heart that she couldn’t be thrilled about this huge pregnancy milestone. I knew the moment had to be bittersweet. It’s much harder to make life altering decisions about a baby that you can feel than a baby whose movements you can’t detect.
Two days ago the genetic counselor called to say that the Trisomi 18 results were clear, but that the SLOS results would have to wait another few days. The wait continued. Today she asked me to sit with her while she called the counselor again. She wanted to know if they had a clue about when the results would be returned. She needed me there to keep her focused. The counselor had no answers and my friend begged her to call the lab and call her right back.
I got a call twenty minutes later.
They are having a healthy baby boy. The tears of relief and happiness streamed down my face.
My results are good, her results are good, we can finally heave a sigh of relief and enjoy the rest of our pregnancies. I can’t wait to take her to Babies R Us and show her my favorite products. I can’t wait to see her holding her baby boy in September.

In other news, if you are as annoyed about the whole Sanjaya American Idol sabotage visit this website and do your part to get the show back on track.

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2 responses

  • thank god the results are good! The same thing happened to me with my 3rd. It was so scary waiting for those amnio results. Then many friends told me they refused the afp because it’s a screening and not accurate. I just took every test the Dr. recommended.

  • oh, yes I want Sanjaya off! I will visit this site, thanks!

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