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standard April 15, 2007 1 response

Our afternoon was the epitome of the absurd. The weather was atrocious, but we went to a bar-b-que. Four families meeting up to chat and catch up over some luscious grilled stuff. Of the four, three of us have back yards and three of us have children. Guess who hosted? Duh, the couple without a yard and without any kids. Because that made the most sense. I’m convinced they have been talking about having kids and wanted to have a party to help them decide one way or another. I think it worked.
We spent the afternoon in their lovely San Francisco apartment, with old law school buds of M’s, C, 14 month old twins, one 6 month old baby, and two little yippy dogs. Miraculously nothing was broken, though the twins were hell bent on taking all the wine bottles out of their rack, and seeing how many candle stands they could topple over. C had a blast, showing the apartment owners exactly what wasn’t baby proofed, playing with all the babies and the dogs, but she was wiped by the time we left and showed everyone how cranky a two year old can be.
In the end, we made plans to see everyone again soon, but I’m pretty sure the childless couple decided to stay that way for a long, long time. As for me? I’m pretty happy we are having our kids one at a time…

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1 response

  • We babysat a little boy Graces’ age last night (exchange thing..they sat for us on Friday night).. we took Grace over for a couple hours before their bedtime so they could play and OMG. I told Chris “This is what life with twins would be like”.. No thanks!

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