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There is nothing I love more than getting into a warm soft bed at night, cracking open a good book, and reading a few pages before I drop off to sleep. I’ve been doing it for years. In fact, I don’t sleep well if I don’t read a little before I turn out the light.
Lately I’ve had to be really careful about what I read at night. The last thing I read or see on TV before going to sleep seems to come back to haunt me in all of my dreams.
The squirrel in the silly comedy I had on while I finished a blog post? Darn rodent was in each and every one of my dreams that night. (And I swear he was out to get me!)
The book I was having trouble finishing for book club? Spent the whole night dreaming I was back in college and I wasn’t prepared for the big literature final.
It’s gotten to the point where I’m scared to pick up anything more threatening than a comic strip anthology. At least the characters from Zits or Baby Blues haven’t started tormenting me yet!
It’s just another one of the joys of pregnancy. I’ve figured out how to keep myself from waking up because of aches and pains, but my brain has still found a way to make me wake up on a regular basis. Between this and M’s snoring I’ll be sleep deprived long before the baby makes her way home.

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