Communication development

standard April 18, 2007 1 response

“Hi mommy!”
“Hi baby, how was your day? Did you have fun with your friends?”
“Did you show Maria your tattoo?”
“I gotta ladybug!”
“Did Maria draw a ladybug on your hand?”
“Are you eating some fish sticks and veggies?”
“I’ll be home soon to give you a hug. I love you bebe!”
“I love you, mammy!” The sound is muffled, but I hear her anyway.
“She was cuddling the phone.” M says, taking the phone back. I can just picture her sitting in her high chair, her veggies, cheese, and fish sticks in front of her, M’s treo clasped in her little hand. I can imagine her bringing the phone to her cheek and cuddling with it. The image melts my heart, well, at least it would, if my heart hadn’t already melted over the fact that I can now have phone conversations with my baby.

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1 response

  • Thats awesome! Grace is still a little intimidated when the phone actually talks back…hehe

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