By the Light of the Moon

standard April 1, 2007 6 responses
Curls dancing to and fro.
Hood bouncing on a tiny back.
Shiny patent leather toes scampering.
I follow behind, a silent pursuit.
Sidewalk glistening, slick with slush and rain.
Crimson vines weave up two legs of woolen green.
A brilliant blur of color against a mossy fence.
Bright lime fleece with cobalt piping and tangerine
Sleeves shielding pink-from-the-cold fingers.
The clack of sole against sidewalk punctuated by
exuberant squeals.

Mama. I runnin'. Briar's a runnin' ina street.

A dog bark. The whiz of stroller wheels on wet
Stars overhead and bright golden moon to the east.
My eyes tear. It is cold, crisp and perfect.
The flash of street light on patent leather.

Running with my daughter by the light of the moon.

Today's post is part of the Blog Exchange and comes from
Amanda. When she's not shooing the cat off the freshly
laundered clothes or begging the dog to stop barking,
she writes about life with two girls in diapers on The Wink. You can find Rose
there today with her favorite It's my life... post.

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