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A day off

standard April 10, 2007 Leave a response

On Friday when I picked C up I had her say the usual goodbyes and thank yous. As we got ready to leave I turned to the daycare director and said, as usual, “See you Tuesday!” The look on her face stopped me in my tracks, “Tuesday, as usual?” I asked, thinking that for some reason maybe she was closed that day.
Well, it’s just that we were going to do the Easter egg hunt on Monday…” her voice trailed off. She knows that we don’t celebrate Easter and didn’t know quite how I would take her announcement.
K! If you want C on Monday, you don’t have to beg! I could use a day off.” I laughed, and readily agreed to drop off my darling child. I felt no guilt whatsoever. In fact, I would have felt guilty not taking C. I mean, it’s pretty much her only hope of ever taking part in an egg hunt. In our family it tends to be more about hunting the Matzah…
So this morning, after a rousing My Gym session, I high-tailed it up the bay and dropped C off with her friends. She scampered off without even so much as a look back at me. I skipped off towards the closest Starbucks. I spent the next hour and a half enjoying my latte and reading my book. I saw no one I knew (a rarity in the area) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a true day off; no plans, no obligations, just hours and hours to myself.
After each and every drop of my latte was savored and the book was all done I headed home to my quiet, empty house. I made a list of all the things I ideally wanted to get done and proceeded to surprise myself by getting each and every one of them done. To be fair, the house is still a mess, but the huge pile of laundry has been folded and the mountain of piled up mail has been conquered. My bedroom no longer looks like a war zone and I felt the calm that comes from knowing that you’ve accomplished all the little things that have been niggling at you for a while.
I picked up C at the usual time and listened to her excited chatter about her awesome day. A fire drill! She had to “run, run fast!” A bunny! And eggs! As she babbled I smiled, we had very different days, but it was the perfect one for both of us.

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