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Welcome to the Club

standard March 15, 2007 Leave a response

I may have mentioned before that I have a few friends at work who are pregnant. One had her baby yesterday (yay!), one is having hers in a few short weeks, and the other is due two weeks after me. Of the four of us only one is on her first pregnancy. The rest of us are jaded and resigned to these 9 (10) months of torture. Until this week the newbie was still harboring hopes that pregnancy could be as wonderful and rosy as it is on tv or in the movies.

This friend of mine is so excited about her pregnancy, so thrilled about every aspect of it that I’ve tried hard to not rain on her parade. When she told me smugly that she was going to keep jogging ’til the end I just nodded. When she bought industrial quantities of first trimester clothing we just laughed and helped her return most of it. We commiserated through her short bout of morning sickness and rejoiced with her when she felt better.

When her asthma started to act up I bullied her into going to an asthma specialist, arguing that it wasn’t going to get better on it’s own. I was right. Her asthma got worse and she finally went to see an asthma doc. I think by then it was too late and her lungs were too irritated. When one of our students shared his bronchitis germs four weeks ago she caught it. And this week she snagged another set. Today her OB almost hospitalized her to monitor her oxygen levels. I think it destroyed the last of her pregnancy ideals. When I think of her saying “it wasn’t meant to be like this” I get all weepy. I wish she hadn’t been forced to join the “pregnancy sucks” club. I wish at least one of us could have a perfect, trouble free pregnancy.

This post really had no point really. Except, maybe, pregnancy sucks, and it’s even worse when you have to watch a friend suffer through the worst of it.

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