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Tough choices

standard March 28, 2007 1 response

The best part of a yoga class comes at the end. You’ve worked hard and your muscles are tired, your mind is peaceful and you feel just plain good. The teacher tells you to lie on your back, close your eyes, and let your mind drift. It’s time for savasana. Sometimes I can relax enough to go to sleep, sometimes my mind races to much to even let go, other times, like today, I can let myself drift with the sound of the wind.
The wind roaring around the building played tricks on me by sounding like a breeze by the seaside, and for an instant I was transported to a sandy beach. All too soon it was time to come back to reality. My five minutes of relaxation left me with a strong longing for a beach escape and as I walked back to my office I came up with a plausible plan.
“M?” I asked after dinner, “how would you feel about taking a three day weekend sometime in May? You, C, and I could go to San Diego and just enjoy ourselves for a few days before our summer gets busy.”
M seemed interested and I mentally started to plan our trip. We could fly down, rent a car, get a nice hotel, spend some time at the zoo, some time at the beach, relax, and enjoy being a family of three one last time before we become a family of four. Then we got home and I checked my e-mail.
My dad wants us to come to Calgary. He wants to meet C. He has a terminal illness and can’t travel. The ball is in my court. Do we take a “fun” trip, or do we take the “right” trip?
I guess you have to watch what you wish for.

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1 response

  • Good luck with the choice. I know it’s a tough one for you! (aside from the title of the blog giving me that idea..)

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