Thoughts now that I’m home

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– I really should wash the sheets more often.

– Hearing C yell Yee-Ha every time she puts on her new boots or hat was well worth the cost of the trip in and of itself.

– It was really scared to pull a brush through C’s hair. It looked like a huge tangled mass of knots. But she’s alive and well, so I can’t complain too much.

– I’m pretty sure that when I left on Friday I had a baby. Now C is most definitely a big girl who speaks in full, coherent, sentences. It’s a lot strange.

– Going away for two days didn’t miraculously fix my maternity clothes issue (or really, my lack of maternity clothes issue). This is only made more annoying by the fact that all of a sudden it seems to be summer and anything that did fit is a tad warm to wear.

– M really knows how to rise to the occasion. Everyone who saw him with C was impressed with how prepared and on top of it he was. He even remembered to bring sunscreen everywhere he went. He wasn’t so good with the hair brushing, but that’s forgivable.

– Getting two full nights of sleep made me feel rested for all of 24hrs. Going back to work brought me right back to where I started. But still. Two. Nights. In. A. Bed. By. Myself. T’was good.

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