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Shwoosh shwoosh

standard March 27, 2007 2 responses

For a day off, today was strangely busy. We woke up bright and early and headed to My Gym where C tumbled and climbed to her heart’s content. From there we headed way up town to my monthly OB visit. Since we arrived early, we stopped in to say hi to my mother-in-law who was thrilled to get a moment to cuddle with C. The we meandered over to the OB’s office.
On the way it occurred to me that this was the first appointment, since the original ultrasound, that C was witnessing. Despite my misgivings there was no alternative so we headed up the elevator together. She hasn’t quite grasped the whole concept of the upcoming new baby. She seems to think that she’s just going to get a new doll sometime this summer. Last time I told her there was a baby in mommy’s tummy she giggled and called me a “siwwy mammy”. I left it at that.
After a very very very long wait in the waiting room, where C serenaded the many waiting women with multiple renditions of the ABC song, we were finally ushered into the sacrosanct back office. I peed in a cup and we stood on the scale. (C weighs considerably less than me. ahem.) And we headed into the exam room. I’ll admit that when the door closed my heart sank a little. Once that access to the outside world slams shut you never really know when it will open again. Luckily we found tons of books and other fun things that C found quite entertaining. Even better, the doctor didn’t take forever to come find us.
She quickly assessed the situation; tired, hungry pregnant woman and toddler who had been waiting for almost an hour, and she got to business. Belly measuring right on target, blood pressure perfect, everything else looking great. She pulled out her Doppler and C perked up “what dat, mammy?”
“We are going to listen to the baby inside mommy’s tummy.” I answered, just as the reassuring shwoosh shwoosh filled the room. She looked perplexed and cocked her head to the side, listening to the sound. “My heah!” She crowed.

This afternoon we went to the book store and found a book about bringing home a new baby. We read it three times right then and there. We still have four months to go, but I think that by then she won’t be too disappointed that the baby isn’t made of plastic and foam. Though I am thinking that I should probably get her a new doll too…

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2 responses

  • Aw, too cute! I think you’re onto something with the doll, though, just to cover the bases 🙂

  • We bought our daughter ad oll and when her sister arrived she gave her a car for the doll. We still had two weeks of resentment, but having just completed a cross country trip, our daughters have cemented their mutual adoration through the shared suffering.

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