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standard March 7, 2007 Leave a response

When I heard from the genetic counselor yesterday I wasn’t at work, sitting at my desk, working on some all important task (ha!). I was sitting on my couch next to a feverish little girl.
We started the day the same way all our days start. C was chipper and had a little breakfast with her daddy. Then she came to me and asked to cuddle on the couch with her doggy and blanket. It was definitely a sign that she was not 100% but she was so happy that I didn’t think much of it. I did, however, decide to take her temperature before getting her dressed.
Not enough to make her act sick, but enough to make all our plans for the day fly out the window. I cancelled my 9 am doctor’s appointment, called daycare and emailed work, then we settled in for a long day at home.
As the day progressed C got more and more clingy, finally agreeing to lie on the couch next to me. I gave her some Motrin around 10 and focused on getting some work done. The medicine didn’t perk her up as I had hoped and an hour or so later I took her temperature again.
It definitely explained why she was so lethargic and didn’t want any lunch. I gave her some Tylenol and some Levbuterol to help with her wheezing. She perked up considerably and I got a bit more work done. Then she crashed hard and napped fitfully on the couch next to me.
When she started to moan in her sleep I finally got worried. C might get sick often, but she rarely acts sick. It was nearing the time for our pediatrician’s appointment so I took her temperature again.
I called the doctor’s office in something of a panic, but the nurse told me to come to the office instead of going to the hospital. She was clearly not impressed with the fever my daughter was running. I gave C some more Tylenol and loaded C up into the car and drove to the pediatrician’s office like a madwoman. My baby roused herself for a minute to chat with her baby doll and then fell asleep again. I got to the office in record time, gathered up C, her doggy, her blanket, her baby, her two sippy cups, and my purse and waddled into the reception area. We signed in, I paid, we waited in the waiting room, I gathered the sippy cup that I’d left on the counter and headed back to an exam room. No one seemed phased in the least by my lethargic moaning child.
The doctor chalked it up to a virus, nothing more. No ear infection, no strep, nothing but a raging fever and a little cough. The nurse gave her a dose of Motrin and they sent us home. By the time we got there C was feeling a ton better, she ate a little dinner and cuddled with her daddy on the couch. I changed her diaper and took her temperature one last time before putting her to bed.
She woke only once and I gave her more Motrin. When she woke up this morning she was back to her sunny, happy self. Temperature normal, slight cough, nothing else. I could have sent her to daycare, but I thought we both needed another day of quiet rest.

In the midst of all this getting the good news about the baby’s health was pushed into the back of my mind. I am thrilled that everything is A OK, but I just couldn’t focus on it yesterday. And I could focus on the gender issue even less. Today it still all pales in comparison.
Yesterday, for about an hour, I really thought we could loose our gorgeous little girl. Today I know that we are getting another one. Everyone should be so lucky. If the little girl I’m carrying is half as cute and smart as her sister it’ll still be too much to contemplate. Maybe I was never meant to be a mom to a little boy, maybe my job is to raise smart, independent gutsy girls. It’s not the worse fate in the world.

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