Grumpy grumps

standard March 29, 2007 2 responses

Maybe it’s that I’m too nice. Maybe it’s my personality. But I just don’t understand the motivation that some people have to ruin something just because other people enjoy it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it! (And could I end more sentences with “it”?)
Or maybe it’s just that I spent the evening working and I’m in a mood.
I rarely comment on TV or pop culture, but allow me to say, tonight, because I’m so grumpy, I hate Howard Stern, and I’m on American Idol strike until Sanjaya gets booted.

(As an aside, the other day M told C that mommy was grumpy. The next morning when I went to get her out of her crib she asked “mammy grumpy?” Clearly it only takes one day to get a reputation…)

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2 responses

  • Oh, so sorry about the grumpy thing. My daughter learned about mommy being angry and now she says, “Mommy angry? Briar make you happy?” I am so desperate to not raise her to be someone who feels the need to constantly please people.

    I have not even been able to watch AI as our bedtime routine has become very drawn out (read excruciating).

  • Lol!! Yeah.. I get a reputation for such things around my house too.. and I am also going to strike until he’s gone too..(except to watch Blake Lewis on Youtube)

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