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I thought that C had reached all of her icky firsts. I mean, I thought we could look forward to her first day of school, her first pony ride, her first boyfriend, happy, fun firsts. I really thought that the “ew” firsts were all done and gone. Yeah. Not so much.
Tonight C puked for the first time. (Sorry mom…) She’s had her fair share of spitting up, but never really thrown up. Until tonight. Too much post-nasal drip and too much coughing make a bad combination apparently.
Poor C was completely discombobulated by the whole thing. She tried to wipe her face clean and then held up her hands begging for a wipe to clean them off. I had to laugh. A wipe wouldn’t have helped a whole lot.
I think it’s fair to say that I’ve earned my trip to Austin this weekend.

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