External validation

standard March 3, 2007 1 response

Looka my! Looka my!” C howls at the top of her lungs shoving her child’s menu in the face of a passing waitress. “Looka my!”
“Very nice!” The waitress chirps as she walks by.
C draws a few more scribbles and hastily puts down her crayon as another waitress walks by.
Looka my! Looka my!”
She doesn’t try to make it pretty, she barely even looks at the marks she’s making on the page, she’s just out to get someone to notice her art work and tell her it’s perfect. She’s on the age-old quest for external validation.

We all crave that external seal of approval to a certain extent. Some of us run to our bosses each time something goes well, others call a friend to gloat. Children like to show off their art work and school papers. My husband thinks that he’s doing a terrible job unless someone tells him otherwise.
I thought I was tougher, that internal validation was enough for me. But I’m having to come to grips with the fact that I’m not as tough as I think. Every night I check my stats and I smile when I notice that the numbers are slowly, slowly climbing. And today I’m tickled pink because I was nominated for a Best of Blog Exchange award. So really, I shouldn’t be surprised that C is already trolling for approval by anyone walking by. After all the apple never falls far from the tree.

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  • Hurray! I am at least one person who nominated you.

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