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standard March 21, 2007 1 response

I may have mentioned something the other day about getting to the end of the day and forgetting anything and everything worth writing about. It seems that today is one of those days. Nothing exciting or even remotely interesting happened at work. Our morning was routine and the evening uneventful. I’m sure the last thing anyone wants to read about is that C was a little grumpy at daycare today. (Oh wait, maybe that comes before knowing what I had for lunch…)

So I’m going to call it a day and head into the bedroom to make good on a lost bet. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more blogworthy excitement.
Note to the wise: If you race home with your husband and you tell him he gets something specific if he makes it home before you, it’s best to know exactly where he is before you promise something you might not really have the intention of doing. Especially if your husband is a lawyer…

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1 response

  • Funny about your husband- mine is the same way when it comes to a contest for ‘something specific’. I think they are all lawyers when it comes to sex.

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