Austin TX v1

standard March 10, 2007 Leave a response

So far Austin is very much like CA. We’ve been to Whole Foods twice and spent most of our time here on some form of highway or hanging out in our hotel. Tomorrow is bound to be a lot more visit centric. At least, I hope, my hotel room is nice, but it’s not all that exciting…
It was strange to see my friend S officiating a service I’ve seen her do a million times in a location I’d never been in. Her new synagogue is a lovely place, full of warmth and sweet people. It was bittersweet to see her there. Sweet to see her so happy in her new home, but bitter because she’s clearly never coming back. I obviously knew that, but I couldn’t help wishing.
Tomorrow is going to be more fun and games and possibly even some sightseeing. Woohoo. Stay tuned for more excitement.

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