Toy obsession

standard February 6, 2007 1 response

A friend confessed to me today that she went to a bookstore a few days ago and purchased $85 worth of books for her unborn child. She was embarrassed that she’s spent so much money on books for a child who wouldn’t get to hear them for many more months. I laughed, and then I told her about my new obsession. I think it’s going to cost me a lot more than hers.
I’ve been trolling eBay for toys from my childhood. Oh, and I’ve been bidding. Oh and winning. OK so far just one, but I plan on winning a few more. I can’t help it. I’ve seen a few of my favorite Fisher Price toys and I can’t wait to see C playing with them.
I mean do you remember this one?

Or this one?

How about this one?

Is it wrong that I think I might be having more fun bidding on eBay than C will have with the actual toys?

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1 response

  • Yes, I think you will!

    I had a psychology professor tell us that people buy things for themselves and their kids that they remember or always wanted from childhood. Mostly these are a waste of money and sit around the garage or play room, but we can’t help it (unless we’re aware and make a conscious decision not to).

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