To Valentine or not to Valentine, is it really a question?

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I remember years ago defending my right to a romantic Valentines day to two close friends, who at the time happened to be single. I can’t remember my exact arguments, or really even the gist of them, but it was a heated debate. They were dead set against the whole thing and I was a vehement supporter.
I find it ironic that today I was the Valentine Grinch while one of those two friends stood up to her husband for her right to a romantic evening. Funny how the world turns…
I could plead the tired old arguments about it being a contrived, Hallmark holiday, about how every day should be Valentines day, blah, blah, blah, but the truth is, I think I’ve just outgrown it. I have a sweet, tender, affectionate husband who makes me feel special all year round, I don’t need an ordained day to get more of the same. Maybe I’ve also gotten stingy in my old age, but I’m a little offended by the hiking of the prices on this one day when men feel obliged to purchase flowers and candy for their wives.
It’s possible that it all has to do with being a old married couple, or maybe it’s because I’m a pregnant mommy, but I just felt like making a big deal about tonight was simply not worth the effort. I’d rather spend the money on a sitter and go on a date on a night when we both want to go, rather than on a night when the rest of the world is doing the same thing.
At the end of the day though it’s probable that I’m just a tired stressed out mommy who just wants to spend an evening huddled in bed with my husband, enjoying the comfortable peaceful life that we’ve built. Isn’t that romantic enough?

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