The elusive no plan weekend

standard February 10, 2007 1 response

Few things give me more pleasure than finally making it to the end of a Friday and realizing that we have a no plan weekend. No dinners, no playgroups, no family obligations. Sheer joy. The weekend rarely stays free and clear, but every so often it does. Those are the best weekends. Pure unadulterated family down-time. Ah.
For a few hours today I thought this would be one of those delightful weekends, made even better by the rain. (Usually M gets antsy by 2pm wanting to go out and “do something.” He rarely has a goal in mind other than leaving the house. I myself see nothing wrong with spending the whole day at home.) But it wasn’t meant to be. Instead tomorrow we get to go shopping with my MIL the speed shopper. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it to keep up.

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