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M changed his mind three times between the moment we walked into the Prenatal Diagnostic Center and the actual procedure. He went from not really knowing how he felt about doing the amnio to thinking we shouldn’t do it, back to doing it, to maybe not doing it, until he finally told me he thought we should definitely go ahead.
It was a completely different experience than the amnio I had with C. The staff at this place was incredibly supportive and helpful. The gave us all of the information they could and then stepped back to let us discuss what we wanted. The last place was all about making a buck, there was never any indication that we had an option. Here we constantly felt in control.
The genetic counselor spent a long time with us discussing every possible aspect of the NT scan results and pros and cons of amnio. Then we went to have a lengthy level 2 ultrasound. At the conclusion of the ultrasound the doctor explained
1) that the baby looked great, nothing even remotely concerning had shown up.
2) even though everything looked great some genetic defects don’t show up on the ultrasound.
3) the risk of miscarriage after an amnio is 1/300, the risk of miscarriage after 15 weeks is 1/300. There’s no way to know whether people who miscarry after an amnio weren’t going to miscarry anyway.
We decided to go with peace of mind. Though I did lobby for M getting a shot too, but no one listened. The procedure itself was just as unpleasant as I remembered, but at least this time we got enough fluid the first time around. Now I’m taking it easy on my couch catching up on old trusty blogs and reading the archives of my new favorite. (Seriously, funniest blog ever. I keep busting a gut laughing, making M run over to see what’s so funny. Check it out, totally worth the visit.) C is discovering the joys of vintage Fisher Price toys (thank you eBay) and M is dealing with some work crisis, which I will probably have to help with in a minute.
Wish me luck. This relaxing and taking things easy might prove harder than the test itself.

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