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standard February 23, 2007 Leave a response

When I wake up and stretch M was still asleep next to me. He’s going to work a little late this morning and so our routine is a little different. I can hear C stirring in her room, she’s starting to chat with her doggy and moo-cow. I hop into the shower pleasantly drowsy and filled with contentment.
By the time I get out C and M are done with their breakfast and are playing in the living room. It’s a perfect morning scene only marred by the lack of clean folded clothes. (Folding laundry seems to be very low on my list of priorities these days…)
The rest of our morning is routine and I get to work right on time. And that’s when it all went to hell in a hand basket.
A missing piece of information on a document needed for a big meeting, a few snippy comments from a coworker and my mood was shot for the day. I went from annoyed, to depressed, to irate. Shortly after a voice mail made me chuckle, within minutes I was chipper again and then almost hyper. An email from my boss angered me, a comment from another coworker calmed me down, and the rest of the day continued in the same vein.
By the time 4 pm rolled around I felt like I had been at work for a million hours. I had ridden the roller coaster of my emotions all day and I was ready to go home and curl up in bed. With luck tomorrow will be a little more run of the mill.

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