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“Mama! Mama! Iwannareadabok!”
“Sure honey, why don’t we sit down and read a book! Which one do you want to read?”

“Mama! Mama! Ittybitty!”
“You want to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider? Sure, do you want to start or do you want me to start?”

“Daddy! Daddy! What you doin?”
“Reading the newspaper”
“Daddy! Daddy! What you doin?”
“Eating a bagel.”
“Daddy! Daddy! What you doin?”

“Mama! Mama! Wook! Wook! Cobah!”
“Show me sweety.”
Dere! Wook! Cobah!”
“I’m sorry honey, but I have NO clue what your are talking about.”

My baby is 21 months old. A very, very verbal 21 month old. The instant she wakes up she starts to talk and she rarely stops until she falls into an exhausted sleep at the end of the day. She comments on everything she sees, asks a million questions, reads to herself, and sings songs all day long.
I understand about 80% of what she says, but often she really throws me for a loop. At least three times a day I throw M a panicked look, hoping against hope that he caught, or understands, what she’s saying. Since I’m usually the translator, it rarely happens, but I still hope. She constantly spots things that doesn’t even register with us, surprising us when we understand what she’s excitedly pointing at, making it impossible to fathom when her babble is unintelligible. I’m too often puzzled by her words, aching to be in her head so that I can share in her excitement about the world that surrounds us. At the same time, I know this is just the start and that I’m often going to be puzzled by this incredible, exuberant little girl.

This post was inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt Puzzled.

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4 responses

  • Kids are amazing. Their never ending questions shows their inquisitive minds. They have great energy level. I love kids.


  • This was so touching and an exciting time. I’m waiting to enjoy it once again with my first grandson at 14mos 😉

  • We’re on the same page over here.. Most of the time, I get her. But there are a few times a day when I just throw my hands up and say “show me, sweetie!” or “I’m sorry but I don’t know what you are asking for..”.. But I agree that sometimes she notices things (like the moon being out in the daytime) that I never usually notice..

  • Hi Rose,
    I’m new to blogging and just discovered Sunday Scribblings.
    Your post hit a tender spot in my heart – remembering my daughter, who is now 26, when she was a baby. Before she started trying to form words in English she had her own “language”. She chattered all the time and included inflections and facial expressions. She has become an amazing woman and the way she sees the world still bring fresh perspectives to mine.
    Thank you for your post, it brought smiles and good memories. And it clearly shows how much you love your little one!

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