Potty training… not so much

standard February 13, 2007 1 response

A month or so ago C started telling us when she had a poop. I got all excited and we purchased a potty for C. My hope was to get her comfortable with having it around, maybe have her sit on it before her bath or when she gets up. Eventually we would move on to real potty training, by then the potty would seem like a true friend.
So far C loves her potty. She sits on it (fully dressed) whenever I happen to use the big girl potty. Sometimes she even just likes to sit on it just for fun. “Peep peep mama!” She uses the insert as a hat or a projectile weapon. She sits on it before every bath (naked), but she has yet to actually pee in the potty.
She has learned something very important when it comes to potty time. She never sits on it without grabbing a book or a magazine. I haven’t taught her to use her potty per se, but when she does at least she’ll know that literature is a key component.
For the rest we’ll have to wait.
Last night I took her clothes and diaper off as her bath filled up. She took off for a naked jaunt through the house. In the three seconds it took her to run all through all the rooms (it’s not a very big house) she managed to pee, not once, but twice in two different rooms. Then she slipped and fell.
Yeah… potty training… not going to happen any time soon.

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