Cuteness incarnate

standard February 8, 2007 1 response

C has reached new levels of cute these days. Her vocabulary is exploding and her observations never cease to amaze me. She notices so many things and is constantly pointing things out to me.
“mama! Look! Over dere!” Sometimes she’ll just point and say “Look! Dere id is!” 50% of the time I don’t know what she’s pointing at, but 50% I am amazed at what she notices. I love watching the world through the excited eyes of a 20 month old. Though I do have to say that she has a slightly obsessive penchant for slides. She sees slides everywhere; the roof of a house, a slanted tree branch, a cardboard box leaning against a house, everywhere.
When she isn’t busy discovering the world around her she’s busy singing songs to herself or her dolls. This child loves to sing, and she loves it if you join in, which means many rounds of The Wheels on the Bus, I Love You You Love Me, ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, etc, etc, etc…
There’s really no point to this except to say that it’s amazing to watch a little person grow out of my baby. A strong, self confident little person who take amazing joy in the world around her. I’ve heard people say that their children make them want to be better individuals. My child makes me want to be more like her so that I can enjoy the world around me again.

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  • Oh my gosh I MISS this!!! *sigh*

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