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A Garfield Monday

standard February 27, 2007 1 response

I’ve grown to love Mondays. C and I rock out at My Gym to get our blood pumping and then we spend the day running errands, playing with friends or just hanging out together. By the end of the day we both feel like we have gotten our fill of hugs and kisses and we feel ready to brave the week.
Not so much today.
Instead of our usual cuddle-fest today I woke up early, dropped C off at daycare and headed over to the hospital for my monthly OB visit. (All’s well, baby doing great, mom doing great, not too much weight gained, see you in a month.) Then I got to do what everyone loves to do on their day off… head to their boss’ house for an all day staff meeting. The topic of the meeting you ask? How we can all get along better. On the plus side I got to air most of my (valid) grievances and feel like I was echoed by most. On the down side I had to spend my entire day off with my (lovely, really) co-workers.
As I went to pick up C I realized that the event was really draining. It was all I could do to feed her a balanced dinner and not loose my temper each time she tried to be contrary. I’m so tired we had cereal for dinner and I’m waiting for C to go to bed so I can go as well. It’s a good thing our regular work days don’t take this much out of me. I wouldn’t last the usual four days I work each week!

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  • hiya, we’ve been paired up for the blog exchange and IO was gonna drop you an email but can’t find it anywhere on here. Mine is on my blogger profile page.

    hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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