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standard January 12, 2007 1 response

It might be a little much to say that nothing annoys me more than people who drive slowly in the carpool lane because they are alone in their car and they want to duck back into the slower lanes, but I don’t think so. Every evening when C and I are heading home, tired at the end of a long day, I want to scream when I have to drive 50 miles an hour behind someone scared to run into a cop.

I really thought I had more pet peeves, but I really can’t think of any others. How sad is that?
Help me out. What’s your pet peeve this week
(See how sneaky I am? Trying to get you to delurk like that?)

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1 response

  • Here is a related pet peeve. I hate being on the freeway, and going a respectable 7-10 over the speed limit and even THAT is not good enough for some speed demon (and this would NOT be in the carpool or fast lane, but even still.. 10 mph over the speed limit should be plenty fast enough) and I get people flashing lights or riding my ass. It seriously makes me daydream about slamming my brakes down…

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