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Not a baby anymore…

standard January 6, 2007 Leave a response

In the light of day I decided against venting about the Big Family Summer Plan. It’s just not wise. How many times do I have to be burned by a family member reading something unfavorable here before I learn my lesson? No, seriously, how many? Anyway, the vacation will be lovely whether we go to be bored on a ranch in Wyoming or relax on a beach in paradise… just sayin

In other news… Over the last two weeks C has become increasingly verbal. She makes “sentences”, imitates everything she hears and sings pretty much constantly. It’s truly amazing to watch or rather hear. She is constantly trying to categorize things and people and trying to make sense of the world around her. In restaurants she points to people naming them in turn “mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy…” I’m working on “lady” and “man”, but right now her blinders are on pretty tight.
I think the cutest thing she said this week took place today in the car as we drove home. I was tootling along in the car pool lane when I heard “Daddy. Where ah you?” from the back seat. Oh, wait, maybe it’s when she woke up in the other morning and said “Ah done, mommy, ah done dodo!” (dodo= sleep in french). Or when I told her she was going to daycare and she answered “Giwi! Amama! Sharwe toys!” (Gilli and Amanda are her two best daycare buds.) Anyway, you get the picture, she’s pretty darn cute these days. It’s a good thing, because she also spends a LOT of time saying “NO!”
As for singing, well it’s the way we get around the “no” most often. I’ll hear “no, mommy, no!” and respond, “what if we sing a song?!” She always agrees and I can get her to finish whatever it is I’m trying to get her to do. Strangely enough she always requests The Itsy Bitsy Spider and once we are done with three bars she switches to The Wheels on the Bus. She loves to sing, that’s for sure. She also loves music – menken – and often requests in when we are in the car “Car menken!” or when I put her in her crib “menken! menken!” No doubt she gets all of her musical love and ability from her dad.
My little girl is growing up. Every day she leaves babyhood a little bit farther behind.

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