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I have an idea…

standard January 15, 2007 3 responses

This week’s Sunday Scribblings prompt has thrown me for a loop. Since I started participating a few months ago, it’s the first time I’m drawing a complete blank. The prompt is simple “I have an idea.”, but I can’t think of a thing to write about.
This thinker’s block has caused me no little angst these last few days. I am a creative person. I am a writer. I am an artist. To not be able to think of the last idea I had is a scary thing for me, and I think that it is a testimony to how I am feeling these days.
I recently urged a friend to take a job “out of her comfort zone”. I jokingly said “you’ll get to use your brain again!” Then I laughed a little jealous laugh. My last six months at work have been one long effort of not thinking, not questioning, not being heard. I stepped back to let the new people find their places, hoping that they would see in me a partner, someone who could help them do their work, someone who could help them run their programs because I’ve already done it for four years. For the most part this didn’t happen.
I went from being a full partner in crime to a photocopier/bystander. One of the new people comes to me for advice at times, but she has her own assistant and doesn’t really need me. The other one, the one I work with, hardly uses me at all. And how sad is it that I’m pining to be used? I try hard to not whine, not complain about my demotion, after all it came with a hefty raise. But clearly sitting quietly on the sidelines isn’t good for me. So…
I have an idea! I’m going to make a point of writing down my ideas, be they writing based, parent based or even entrepreneurial. I’m going to find a way to use my brain on a regular basis. I’m going to work for ME! Even if I have to spend 8 hours a day not being creative and not innovating doesn’t mean that I have to suppress myself in every other aspect of my life.

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3 responses

  • Great idea! Don’t be stifled by your immediate environs – think outside the box.l

  • Totally agree- write down all your ideas – let them inspire you!

  • I thought the prompt was “idea” and then the lack of one, or not remembering them, is a great topic to write about – but sad. I think it isa great idea for you to write down what you come up with, and try to find inspiration elsewhere than work. plus, my tips would be to keep pen and paper by the bed! 🙂

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