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standard January 5, 2007 Leave a response

I sit at the computer and open the Blogger posting page and my mind goes blank. I had a busy day, but I can’t think of a single thing to write about. I can, however, think about how soft my pillow is going to be against my cheek in a few minutes. I can also wonder why I ate so many things swimming in tomato sauce this evening. (Though I’m trying not to think about that because it’s making me queasy.) But I can’t think of a single witty, entertaining thing to write about. Trust me, it’s just as frustrating for me as it is for you! I really need to work on finding time in the morning to write.

I could give you amazing New Years resolutions, but I didn’t make any. I’m way too overwhelmed with what I have going on right now to take on anything else, especially if it means having to be introspective.

I could tell you cute things that C is doing, and I possibly will when I can focus long enough to think of them.

I could tell you about annoying work things, but who really wants to hear more about the drama cess pool that is my office? Really? (But seriously, it would make a great reality show. Well, that is, if people like watching grown ups behave as though they are in middle school…)

I know! I’ll tell you all about the Big Family Summer Vacation planning that is in the works! But, seriously, it’ll have to wait until tomorrow, because right now I’m too tired to get the right ire rolling.

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