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Baby’s got the daycare blues

standard January 19, 2007 2 responses

On January 2nd I drove up to C’s daycare and pulled an extremely excited child out of her car seat. She couldn’t wait to see all of her friends and play all day. We got to the door and realized quickly that it was locked. After a moment of denial I had to admit that maybe, just maybe, I had not read the memo that mentioned that daycare would open again on January 3rd, not 2nd… oops. I told C that she would have to come to work with me. Her screams must have woken up the few neighbors still sleeping off their New Year’s hangovers. I had to wrestle her into her car seat, only appeasing her with a promise of fun toys awaiting her at my office.
That was the C of the then. Loved daycare. Chatted excitedly about all her friends all the way through the commute. Couldn’t wait for me to carry her in. Happy.
For the last three days C has started saying “No, no! No Kakleen!” as soon as it’s time to get dressed. She doesn’t change her tune until we get there. The anguished cry is accompanied with frantic foot kicking and head shaking. As we get closer and closer she gets progressively more upset. I keep having to bring her in with tears running down her face and after five minutes of trying to get her engaged in a game or an activity I finally have to pry her hands off my arms and hand her over to her caregiver. As I walk out I can still hear her crying.
I know that as soon as I’m in the car she’s fine. I know that she loves being there. I know that she has a great time once she forgets about me. But I still find it heart wrenching to leave my crying child behind.
When come to pick her up she rarely sees me right away. She’s usually way too busy playing to notice a newcomer to the room. When she does see me she runs over, asks for her milk and, as an afterthought, gives me a hug. Daily reports tell me that she’s having a great time. She’s not getting into any trouble. She’s playing nicely. She’s eating well and sleeping even better. The only rough spot in the day is the drop-off.
A friend said last night that she often tells her new mom friends to wait everything out two weeks. After two weeks almost everything that was annoying or stressful has passed, giving way to another stressful, irritating thing. It’s pretty good advice. So let’s hope that by the end of next week C is back to her endearing habit of telling me to get lost in the morning. And to think I thought that was annoying!

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2 responses

  • That is so hard! When I was taking Grace to the kids room at Ballys, she originally loved it! She’d forget about me right away. Then all of a sudden, she would freak out and scream and cry uncontrollably after I’d leave.. to where they’d find me warming up on the treadmill and ask me to come claim her and I’d go.. and she’d be so upset that she’d be gasping and shaking.. Sigh. Broke my heart again and again.. I’m thinking about trying again tomorrow because I really need some “me time” hehe. Wish me luck..w

  • well these things sometimes happen with children… thats a child psychology i think… well hope things go nice and fine with all of u …
    God bless….!!!

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