Two halves of one whole

standard December 3, 2006 1 response

At dinner tonight, a lovely affair in a fancy shmancy restaurant, M and I ordered the same meal. Caneloni stuffed with a mixture of chicken and other yummies. It came on a plain white plate, two canelonis in the middle, a sea of creamy cheesy sauce on one side and another sea of tomato sauce on the other.
We tucked into our meals with gusto. I savored every creamy cheesy bite, almost licking my fork clean between bites. Soon I had eaten a whole caneloni and sopped up every ounce of the cheesy sauce. The other caneloni lay intact, providing an effective barrier for the tomato sauce.
I glanced over at M’s plate and laughed. His plate was the mirror opposite of mine; one caneloni and a sea of cheesy sauce. He looked over at my plate and saw why I was laughing. Our eyes met and we smiled nodding a little.
I picked up my plate, he picked up his and we switched, each of us thrilled with the bargain.
It’s a good thing when the person you plan to spend your entire life with has opposite tastes from yours.

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  • Thats such a cute/beautiful story & you are very lucky! 🙂

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