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Tossing cookies, almost.

standard December 15, 2006 Leave a response

Yesterday I was hit with the morning sickness stick. Apparently up until now I’d only been poked with it. In case you were wondering, it’s not the same thing at all! Mild nausea I can deal with, you eat a snack and it generally goes away. True morning sickness is harder to handle. There’s something about constantly being on the verge of tossing some serious cookies that makes the day quite interesting.

Last night I cooked a nice dinner for M and me. Sauteed chicken and rice. Ok, nice is maybe saying a lot. Let’s say that I cooked dinner for M and me. But, honestly, it was all I could imagine eating! I finished getting everything ready, and was instantly on the verge of heaving. I put M’s portion on his plate and sat forlornly next to him while he ate. Two hours later I was able to eat a small bowl of cereal. C had my leftovers for dinner tonight.

I know that this is a rite of passage for most pregnancies. I just thought I would get lucky again. When I was pregnant with C I was a little queasy for a few weeks, this time I’m just hoping that this only lasts a few days, or at the very most a long week. The thought that I might have to do the “do I need to run for the toilet or can I stay at my desk” for six more weeks or more makes me want to curl up and sleep the rest of this pregnancy away. Why, no, I don’t deal well with being sick to my stomach. Why do you ask?

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