Toddler days

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As I turned the shower on and got ready to jump in I heard cries coming from the kitchen where C and M were having breakfast. I hesitated for a moment about going to see what was going on, but quickly opted for the more relaxing option.
When I got out of the shower I heard C complaining again so I took my sweet time getting toweled off and going through the rest of my important morning ritual. I figured that whatever was bothering her would be long forgotten by the time I came out of the bathroom.
I was right. Somewhat.
C was having one of those days. A real toddler day. A day where she takes offense at anything and everything and is frustrated by the fact that the world doesn’t go exactly her way. For example: I wouldn’t read a book with her this morning because we had to get ready to leave and I wouldn’t let her take her toy stroller to daycare.
By the time I dropped her off I was thrilled to not have to deal with her all day. (I know, I’m horrible, but come on? A whole day with a cranky whiny toddler? Uh no thanks.) I walked in after her, said “She’s a little cranky. Bye! See you later!”, and I ran.

Seven time-outs! Seven! That’s a lot for a generally well behaved little girl. Seems that she spent the whole day ripping toys (to-ahs) out of people’s hands and then getting upset when they were returned to their rightful owners. (Shocking! I know.) After her nap she went from being upset when she was told not to do something to being upset all the time. They were thrilled to see me come get her. (Pass the cranky toddler! New game coming to you soon!)

The good news is that tomorrow is another day. May it will be less toddlerish.

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