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So very hormonal

standard December 1, 2006 1 response

It’s incredible how quickly pregnancy messes with your mind.
Not so much the “oouuuu a little baby in my tummy wummy” as the “where was that piece of paper that I had in my hand a minute ago, oh wait it’s still in my hand, but what do I need it for again?” type thing. I keep finding myself forgetting trivial and not so trivial things, being completely unable to focus, and worse for me, completely unable to multi-task.
The most ridiculous part of it all is that I’ve been pregnant for all of a minute and a half. I should still be in control here! But I’m really not. The hormones have won the battle, and considering how short it was I might as well conceed the war. In the last four days my eating habits have been competely turned upside down. I’m eating things I haven’t touched since I was pregnant with C. I’m turning down foods I loved three weeks ago. I keep thinking that I’m psyching myself into it, but I really can’t resist the bread and butter… It’s too strong a lure…
To be fair, the bread and butter thing is the good part. The not so good aspect is going from giggly to weepy in about 3.4 seconds flat, and then back again. This morning I felt like I was on a roller-coaster. From really upset, to mildly annoyed, back to really upset, to thrilled, to appathetic… and finally to exhausted, which is where I stayed for the last 7 hours and 58 minutes of my workday. The people I work with are going to think I have finally gone off the deep-end. No joke. Hey! Maybe tomorrow I’ll cry over a broken pencil or something and really throw them for a loop…

Anyway, I was going to talk about this past month and how I’ve really worked through all the issues that were plaguing me back in October, but I can’t really focus long enough to write a coherent sentence so you get to have it in bullet points.
So, to recap the month of November:
Work – Eihn… really, really eihn.
Selling Usborne books – Awsome. Well, not that I’ve sold anything yet… But! I have my own website! And it’s super fun! And I love it! And wait until I get business cards!
Writing a novel in a month – yeah… no. I wrote 2000 words! Yay me! But I’m not giving up on my novel, cuz it rocks… well the first two chapters do. It does too!
Being the boss of the bookclub –
going to be fun… you know, when I can convince more than three people to show up. But then again, small crowd means more snacks for everyone…
Getting knocked up and loving it – Thank you Clearblue monitor.

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1 response

  • I gather congratulations are in order. Good luck with the first trimester.

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