Little momma

standard December 19, 2006 Leave a response

For Channukah C got a great 10-in-1 doll accessory set. I assembled it for her this morning and she spent the rest of the day practicing her little mommy skills. She rocked her dolls, and fed them. She pushed them around in the stroller. She made them swing, swing, swing. All day long.

While she was busy being the perfect mother, I was busy cleaning the house. I don’t know if this pregnancy has lowered my mess tolerance threshold, but today I hit the point of no return. It was either clean or move, and moving would take way too much energy, so cleaning was the best option.

We leave Wednesday night. Nothing is ready. I haven’t finished shopping. I haven’t started packing. (And apparently I can’t organize a coherent thought.) But none of that matters. C is a great little momma and the house is clean. That’s enough for today.

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