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standard December 5, 2006 1 response

I’m sorry Garfield… but I have to say, I love Mondays.
I didn’t use to, but now I look forward to them all weekend long.
Weekends are lovely, but Mondays rock.
Mondays are all about C and me. We have down time. We have up time. We goof off. We read books. We cuddle. We dance. We tickle each other and we roll around on the floor. Even doing laundry is less of a drag when C sits on the bed trying on my socks and unfolding the shirts.
Some Mondays we just don’t mesh and both of us are grumpy by the time M gets home, others are perfect and at the end of the day I just feel plain lucky to have such a fantastic kid.
Today was one of those perfect Mondays. I had a loooonnnggg list of things to accomplish and I managed to get everything done while still spending some quality time with C.
We read some fun books and laughed at the silly antics of the Upside Down boys. We drew some pictures and built some block towers. We even had time to have a photo shoot! I took a bajillion pictures of C in her new t-shirt. (I’d even post them if I could find my USB cord. Maybe tomorrow.) To top everything off we went to the free zoo (Pet Smart) and to Target!
Bummer that tomorrow is Tuesday…

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  • How fun! I want to get some stuff from Cafe Press.. they have cute maternity shirts too..and “daddy” shirts too.. There is one I love that says “My Pregnant Wife Scares me”. LOL!

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