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Today I swallowed all of my anxiety and finally sent out a mass email about my first Usborne home show. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I figure my enthusiasm should get me through the hour and a half or so. How hard can it be? Books! Friends! Brownies! So fun.
I’ve already had some feedback from a few people, even one who seemed interested in hosting a show.
Maybe, just maybe, this isn’t a pipe dream…
(… it’s not too late for holiday shopping! Awesome books. If you don’t believe me, check out the website yourselves!)

In other news, the pregnancy progresses without much fanfare. My first doctor’s visit is sometime in the next millennium. (OK, just Jan 3rd, but it feels that way!) No morning sickness, yet. No real weight gain. Just minor heartburn and a yearning for large quantities of chocolate milk. (yum, chocolate milk.) My only real complaint is the onset of pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome. When I was pregnant with Clara it only hit in the 7th or 8th month, but it’s already driving me crazy at night. The pins and needles wake me up constantly, but I’m just not ready to start sleeping with my makeshift wrist braces. I mean, how quickly do I really have to give up any vestige of sexiness? Can’t I gain 50lbs or so first?

Oh wait, this pregnancy has caused one more problem! It has totally sucked me dry of any writing talent and inspiration. It’s a complete catastrophe. Luckily I can always fall back on cute pictures of my baby to keep people coming back. (Yeah, right…) Well ok, at least I can always count on lost Googlers finding their way here…

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